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About us

Based in the heart of the Surrey Hills, e-riders provides you with the opportunity of electrical uplifts allowing you to spend your time where it counts, on the trails!  With over 3000 acres of forest to explore, you can cover much more ground in the same time when you hire one of our high spec Focus  full suspension e-bikes.

Advantages of the e-bike

  • On an e-bike you can cover much more ground than you would usually fit into your session.

  • As riding uphill will be taking much less time you will be able to fit in more descents allowing you to spend more time developing skills on the trails. 

  • An e-bike will overcome power differences allowing a more social and even ride for a group of people making it easier to stay together. 

  • E-riding is as hard as regular riding, honest! Research funded by the EU found that e-riders tend to ride a third further than those on a regular bike.

  • E-riding really comes into its own when tackling difficult climbs. Our e-bikes are usually fitted with a variety of power modes to assist your peddling so if your faced with a particularly challenging climb you can simply crank the bikes motor up to its highest setting and despite the extra weight of the motor you will breeze uphill like some kind of cycling superhero! 

  • E-riding makes uphill much more fun! Arriving at the top of the mountain without being completely sweaty having mastered small blockages and root passages along the way is a definite advantage. 

  • You can reach up to 15mph almost instantly on an e-bike.

  • You will feel safer on rocky descents since the centre of gravity is much lower in the crank due to the electric motor.


  • If you like to try out new sports equipment then you can't avoid the e-bike. Hiring one makes it possible to experience something new without having to purchase a new one straight away and if you do love it, head to the local Focus sales shop in Guildford. 

Why e-riders?

We are the only electric bike hire company in the Surrey Hills delivering full suspension e-bikes directly to Peaslake where all the riders meet, or to Gomshall station. These two drop off points allow you to either arrive by train or car before setting off on your e-bike adventure. 

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